"It's Just Like Riding a Hovercraft" by J. Rex

This story has a Gene Roddenberry feel to it, Star Trek. Say you are part of advanced civilization visiting Earth for the first time, except humanity is long extinct (or at least Earth long since abandoned), and discovered a bicycle. Would you know how to use it?

"It's Just Like Riding a Hovercraft" is a fun  story that should not be missed.


"Midnight Ride" by Maddy Engelfried

Those of us who ride bikes for fun and function know how freeing it is to travel longer distances under our own power. But what if cycling is not a possibility because of disability?

"Midnight Ride" by Maddy Engelfried takes a close look at what it means to be disabled (or should I say differently-abled) in a far-flung future where every thirteen year old is issued his or her newly built bike.

The story is lovely. The main character is arresting. The solution is simply and full of love. Engelfried's story is a lovely addition to Bikes in Space 2.


"Grandma Takes Off" by Elizabeth Buchanan

Aliens. I love a good story about aliens, especially little green or gray bug-eyed ones. Stories likes these make me want to watch The X-Files all over again. Mulder,  I heart you.

"Grandma Takes Off" by Elizabeth Buchanan in Bikes in Space 2, is a nice take on visitors from outer space. Instead of coming to abducted us, they came to help. Not everyone might enjoy the way they forced their way upon humanity, we screwed up big time; so what choice was left.

Unlike the other stories in Bikes in Space 2, Buchanan's could be fun even without the bike (which is really not the focus). Bikes in Buchanan's story are what the aliens told humanity to use, and where we as readers come into the story, bikes are natural. No need to focus on them, which let's the focus shift to the relationship between grandma and her tow granddaughters.