Kate Mara @_KateMara should Play Inez Wick

Transcendence was awesome!

Now, I'm sure that you can find a review of the film somewhere else. Honestly, all you need to know about the movie is in the trailer: A woman loves a man so deeply that she creates a monster that destroys the world. What I found refreshing was that the world was destroyed at the end, but enough about all that.

Kate Mara plays Bree, the leader of a homegrown terrorist organization that wants nothing more than to stop the melding of human consciousness with machine AI. After seeing her performance as Bree, I would like her to be cast as my fictional badass, Inez Wick. 

I had my suspicions that she would make a good Inez Wick while watching House of Cards. Kate Mara plays Zoe Barns, a hard nosed journalist that plays as rough as she gets.

Both of those roles combined, for me, confirm that she would make a great choice for Inez Wick.  

So Hollywood, if you looking for something fun for Kate Mara to star in, may I suggest any of the lives of Inez, including those live not found in The Many Lives of Inez Wick. However, if I could see any those stories made into a movie, it would be "The Bike Mechanic," the first story in the anthology, or "Nova’s Cycles," found only in Bikes in Space.

Kate Mara, if you are listening, you are Inez Wick. 


Snow on the Ground

You would think that I would be used to seeing snow on the ground in April, but it still upsets me.

At least the snow will be gone by lunch. If I can't live in a state (Minnesota) with progress liberal politics, at least I live where there is not a strong chance of a blizzard on May 1st.


Support Bikes in Space 2 by @ellyblue

There are not many projects that are as cool and as original as Bikes in Space, and now Bikes in Space 2. Sure, there are other wonderful collections of stories about bikes; for example Ride, Ride 2, and hopefully soon, Ride 3. There are many wonderful collections of science fiction. There are even many important collections of feminism thought. However, as to my knowledge, there is only one project that combines all three. 

If you follow my blog, you know that I've been trying to build momentum to help the launch of Bikes in Space 2 by reviewing the stories in the original Bikes in Space zine. Unlike other projects in which my fiction is rejected, I will still support this book and its creator. I feel that the project is that important, not only to me as a reader (this is fiction that I want to read) but also the the genre of science fiction. 

Thus, I hope that you will take a moment to help support this anthology. Click Here to visit the kickstater page and toss your support towards a future full of bikes and empowered women.