The Beloit Literary Scene

The Beloit Literary scene exists! Last night, I went to the Beloit Public Library to checkout the local author scene in Beloit, WI. To be honest, I miss Minneapolis' vibrant literary scene. What I encountered  at the library were authors that that did not really expect to sell any of their work. I was there from 4 to 5pm, and I was one of perhaps six or seven attendees. The low attendance allowed me to catch up with an old friend, instructor, and distinguished critic T. E. McBride, and talk to many of the other local authors, who all would like to see more events and opportunities to get together. 

I'm still new to the Stateline Area, so there might be more literary events in Janesville, WI or Rockford, IL. I'll keep looking. Perhaps this is what I will do for the area. Perhaps, I will try to round up all of the local authors in the Stateline Area and put on a grand event! However, I hesitante. I know the monto from my dad's favorite movie is "Build it, and they will come," but I'm not so sure that the Stateline Area is the best of places for such an event, based on what I saw last night.

Still, I had a good time. I bought a couple books, and I got to feel like an author, if just for a little while. I mean, I did sell two copies of The Many Lives of Inez Wick despite not having a table. So, Yay!

Here is a list of those who had tables:

  • Leslie Anne Deinhammer, Rockton
  • Christine J. Dieckhoff, Brodhead 
  • George Ferriter, Beloit
  • Terrence Hatch, Newark
  • Dan Langone, Beloit
  • Mark Madson, Clinton
  • Tom McBride / Ron Nief, Beloit College
  • John Porcellino, South Beloit
  • Jean Prestbroten, Orfordville
  • Mary Van Galder, Janesville
  • Diana Vance, Monroe
  • Larry Visgar, Beloit
  • Kimberly Vogel, Beloit
  • Tom Warren, Beloit
  • James Wuthrich, Beloit.

Overall, the literary scene in Beloit looks promising. I know there are readers in the area. And, I know that I will be at this even next year with at least my two books if at least one more. I hope to see you there if not sooner.

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