Bike Trainer & New Year's Resolutions


I have a new bike. After a year of not having one (for reasons), I am so glad to have a bike again. Just think the author of "The Bike Mechanic" did not have a bike to work on and lust over, but I do now. However, it is cold outside and snow and ice cover the ground. I love to ride, but I'm not so hardcore as to ride all winter. Thus, I found a bike trainer on craigslist that will let me use my Sweet Machine indoors while Nora naps, of course.

Now for the New Year's Resolutions (in no order):

  1. Get back into biking shape by:
    1. Riding Sweet Machine 
    2. Zumba with Jessica and Nora
    3. Eat Less Crap! (This will be the hardest of the three. The is a donut shop with in walking / riding distance. Temptation!)
  2. Finish When Water Burns, a new Inez Wick novel
  3. Finish the novel or story The Collector of Souls
  4. Find a part-time job that will let me continue to spend time with Nora
  5. A New Tattoo
  6. Stay in touch with friends in Minneapolis 
  7. Write to my brother in prison 
  8. Find a Doctor, a Dentist, and a Chiropractor 
  9. Find a good sitter for Nora, so Jessica and I can go on dates
  10. Really learn how to play the harmonica 
  11. Design and pitch an online class to The Loft in Minneapolis
  12. Read cookbooks and Jessica's cooking magazines
  13. Spend as much time outside (when it is warm) as I can
Well, that should do it. 13 for 2013.

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