Fwd: The Ragged Mountains

Below is a post from a friend and fellow author:

Hello Good People of Earth,

David Oppegaard here (author of the The Suicide Collectors and Wormwood, Nevada) and I'm proud to announce the release The Ragged Mountains.  My third book, The Ragged Mountains is a young adult fantasy novel I wrote a few years ago, nearly sold to traditional publishers several heartbreaking times, and which I have now decided to release myself in electronic book format through Amazon.com, iPad, and eventually other ebook channels as well.

The Hollow is a peaceful village, a farming backwater among the free cities of the Western Lands, but when a local girl named Penelope Bell is kidnapped from her home in the middle of the night, that peace is shattered.  Unwilling to accept the loss of Penelope, a young striker named Gabriel Rain joins Penelope's brother and sister on a quest to bring her home. Their journey takes them across the dangerous Grasslands and as far as the legendary Ragged Mountains themselves, where they find themselves caught between two sides of a bloody war. Along the way, they face dark wizards, ancient gods, and discover that the Ragged Mountains always take as much as they yield.

As of today, you can buy The Ragged Mountains on Amazon.com for your Kindle device (or a loved one's) or your iPad by clicking hereNOTE: YOU DON'T NEED A KINDLE TO READ IT.  You can download free, easy-to-install Kindle software by clicking here and then you can read it on your PC or laptop.  The book is priced at $4.99. It is also part of the Amazon Prime lending library.

If you feel so moved, a brief review on the novel's Amazon page would be much appreciated, as would sharing this email or the book's link on Facebook. This book release shall be the very definition of a grass roots campaign, even if the grass is actually digital.

Finally, I would like to thank Sarah Morse and Steve Norman for giving The Ragged Mountains a beautiful, haunting cover (see picture below). 

Thank you for your time!

David Oppegaard