Ride, Aaron! Ride!

It is cold outside, and I do not enjoy ridding my bike in the cold. So, I picked up a bike trainer on the cheep from craigslist. Now, I ride everyday in the basement. 

I make frequent trips to the basement with Nora, because the washer and dryer are in the basement. Nora loves my bike. Each and every time we walk by it to get to the washer and dryer, she says, "Awesome." So, I had an idea. I brought her cart downstairs and attached it my bike, which is on the bike trainer. She calls the cart, "Ride." 
Now, when we go into the basement, she demands a ride. I'll put her in the cart and ride. My peddling moves the resistance fans that blow wind in her face. She loves it so much that when I'm done and tired of ridding, she demands that I continue riding. One day this week, we spent a full hour in the basement "ridding."

I've created a monster! I just hope that her enthusiasm carries over into the spring when we'll tour Beloit's streets and paths.