The Copenhagen Wheel is Real!?! (as seen in Weeds season 7)

Okay, you got me. I like to watch Showtime's Weeds. Watching the show is like watching a train wreck, I can't look away. Anyway, in Season 7, newly added to Netflix, Andy - my favorite character - attempts to open a legitimate business, selling bike and more specifically, the The Copenhagen Wheel

Andy's bike shop, to Andy, is real. He believes in it, and he wants the shop and the wheel to be a success (and so do I). However, to the rest of the gang, Andy's shop is a front for the family drug operation. Sad, but the bike shop fails. (Andy, I feel your pain!)

What is odd is that the product that Andy spends the entire season talking about, trying to sell, and gushing over is real. The Copenhagen Wheel is product developed here, in the United States of America, at MIT. I shouldn't be shocked that the wheel is real, but I am just a little. I know that shows use product placement to help offset production costs, buy those products are usually cars, movies, and beverages. So, I usually just shake my head and try to ignore the ad in my fiction. But for a bike wheel, I will pay attention, and for a bike wheel that turns a bike into an electric hybrid for about $600.00, I will write a blog post (and clap my hands).

Good Luck, Copenhagen Wheel. I wish you well.  

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