2013 Lascaux Flash Fiction Contest

I'm helping to get the word out about this flash fiction contest.

Hi everyone.  The prompt and instructions for the 2013 Lascaux Flash Fiction Contest are up:

First prize is $250 (a dollar a word), the virtual medallion depicted on the site, and publication in The Lascaux Review (www.lascauxreview.com).  Submissions open at noon on 6 March.

We're using Submittable this year, to better organize the contest and manage the work flow.  If you don't have an account, you'll be asked to open one when you go to submit.  It's easy.  You'll see an option to donate $3 with your submission.  It is only an option; we've adopted the policy of never requiring a reading or contest fee at Lascaux or any of its satellites.  Still, it costs money to stay afloat, and we're grateful for any help we can get.

Something else we're adding this year is a series of tips, which we'll intersperse throughout the posted entries.  These will be composed by various writers and industry professionals.  And just like you, they'll be limited to 250 words.

Hope to see your entries in March.  And good luck!


My work is done. Now, I'm going to write.

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