After I finished reading and enjoying the short stories in Ride: Short fiction about bicycles, I wanted more bike fiction to read. I am very lucky that is RIDE 2: More short fiction about bicycles is already in print. I picked up my Kindle version a few weeks ago, but I've been obsessed with Lev Grossman's Magician books (and still am). Thus, the reading and reviewing of Ride 2 will be slow. I did, however, between Grossman books, read the frist Ride 2 story, today.

"Escape Velocity" by S. J. Rozan is the frist story in the Ride 2 collection, and Rozan executed a well formulated sprint. The main character is obsessed with staying in motion, so of course he gravitates to bike messaging in Manhattan. He has a romance with a woman of orbital magnitude that he met while living in Italy as a child. Yet, he has to keep moving, escape her domestic pull.

What I really like about Rozan's story is the keen eye for the extended metaphor. The language of love and loss in the story is all caught up in space: gravity, orbits, planets, etc. The metaphor works for the main character who must keep moving and at speed like a photon that has escaped a star. The other part that I liked, of course, is the bike talk.

The main character is builds a bike for his romantic other. I liked reading the specifics part names. I like that the character is obsessive about the build. However, I wanted more detail about the build. I wanted to know the measurements, the gear ratio, the brands, etc. I wanted to the story to geek-out on bike in-language, but I'm just picking on a good story.

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