POLO by Eric Neuenfeldt

"Polo" by Eric Neuenfeldt is going to be hands-down the best story in Ride 2: More fiction about bicycles. Neuenfeldt's story is everything that I've ever wanted in a story about bikes. I wish that I would have written it; I wish that I could read it again for the first time; it is that good.

Most bike stories use vague descriptions of bikes, biking, and bike mechanics fearing that the technical language will leave a reader cold or in the dark. "Polo" by contrast rides into the technical language without worrying about the reader. I loved it. The underground world of bike polo is a subculture with its own language. Seeing the language in use only made the experience of the story more real - come to life. What an amazing accomplishment! I hope the editor of the book nominates "Polo" for a Pushcart.

Anyway, "Polo," is the story of Chase. Chase is a bike polo playing bike mechanic, who feels the need to defend his polo game from Lou. Lou is a supposed polo legend, who is in town and camping out in Avi's, a good friend of Chase's, backyard. Chase is a good character with complex problems. Lou is his white whale. Chase is obsessed with getting Lou out of his game and out of his town. Sorry, but as readers we should know that white whales always when.

Buy Ride 2: More fiction about bicycles for "Polo," and you will not be sorry.

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