Project Update #1: Bikes in Space: Taking the Lane #10 by Elly Blue

If you are still undecided about supporting Bikes in Space, bellow you will find nine good reasons to pull the trigger. $7.00 will get you a copy.

My story "Nova's Cycles" will appear in Bikes in Space. "Nova's Cycles" is a new Inez Wick story. Yup. Inez Wick is back with another life. This life is far into the future when humans have established colonies on the Moon, Io, and other places of mineral value. Will Inez be able to leave her special brand of ecological monkey business on Earth or will she entangle herself in yet another cause that requires her explosive skills?

If you are new to Inez Wick stories, no problem. All Inez Wick stories stand on their own, mostly. I've always been a fan of Aeon Flux. Inez Wick is my Aeon Flux, a strong woman who is fearless and fights for what she believes in. However, just like the Liquid Television shorts, Inez Wick stories don't always add up to a cohesive whole. Instead, they are collage.

Project Update #1: Story time  
Posted by Elly Blue 
First of all, thanks so much for backing this project. We got halfway to the goal in just a week -- that's huge. 
Now for the stories. I've read through all the submissions and decided on nine of them to go into the final volume. Edits are in progress this week. Here's a summary of the tales that await you: 
- In Elizabeth Buchanan's classic pulp tale of postapocalyptic Appalachia, a gripping bicycle-truck chase gives a young woman a surprising new hope. 
- In Jessie Kwak's engaging "To See the Stars from Above," a young warrior comes of age in turbulent times, learning empathy, humility, and the real battle she faces. 
- Fritz Bogott tells a very short tale of a very difficult bike race with superlative pit stops. 
- Maddy Engelfried's account of a daily bike ride in a lunar suburb draws you in like a classical quartet and leaves you rocking out with your air guitar. 
- Matthew Lambert kinda nails it about the future of smog and our efforts to solve it, and it ain't pretty. 
- "Nova's Cycles" is a parable of entrepreneurship and revolution, as well as an entry into Aaron M. Wilson's series of Inez Wick stories.
- A curious little robot explores Mars and discovers signs of life, as told by Lisa Sagrati somewhat in the style of A. A. Milne. 
- Can an Octopodean ride a bicycle built for only two feet? Or more to the point, can she race and win on one? Nicky Drayden spins the hilarious tale.
- Finally, a bracing, prophetic missive from the long-silent Megulon 5
This issue also features illustrations by Katura Reynolds, Amelia Greenhall, and Kate Berube
Thank you again for your support -- I can't wait to get the final product into your hands this spring. And please give the project a shout out to all your nerds. Lets get this done!

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