Try, Try, and Fail

I want to write a novel.
I've tried and tried to write a novel.
Each try turns into a short or long story.
I just don't know how novelist write novels.

I feel free after cutting loose three stories to become stories and not novels, which is how I know that I've done the right thing. Having stopped, given up, on all three novel ideas does not feel good. I really wanted one of them to work out. However, they ended as stories: one after 2,000 words, one ager 6,000 words, and one after 13,000 words. Sad.

So, now those stories can be revised and sent out for publication - somewhere. I am free of them, sort of. Moreover, I am now free to try again, to fail again, but try nonetheless to write a novel. For my frist novel, I'm only shooting for the minimum - 30,000 words. I want to plot my way there and see what happens, despite most novels rounding out around 60,000 or even 100,000 words.

I guess that I just need better ideas. Stay tuned, because I will not give up!  

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