Dangerous Games: How to Play by Matt Forbeck

I just finished reading Dangerous Games: How to Play by Matt Forbeck. Now, of course, I have an itch for three things: 1) the next Dangerous Games novel, 2) to attend Gen Con, and 3) to play games. 1 & 3 will be soon scratched, but sadly #2 has financially been out of reach since the late 1990's. The convention just costs too much, which is why I really enjoyed reading a thriller set at Gen Con.

What I liked most about Dangerous Games: How to Play was the meta quality of the characters. All, well most, of the characters in the story are real people who game, write games, and attend Gen Con. The list of cameos is long and entertaining, which made me wonder about money for appearance. Can or did those Gen Con personalities pay to be in the pages of a Matt Forbeck novel just as products do in television shows and movies? How much did Kickstarter kick in? How do I feel about having read and enjoyed a parade of advertisements masquerading as a novel?

Agh! Who cares! The novel was a fun read, and I can't wait for the next one to drop.

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Matt Forbeck said...

Thanks for the review! You can find a list of the backers for the book in its back pages. Anyone who put up $250 or more got to put names into the book. Neither Gen Con nor Kickstarter paid to be mentioned in the book, although out of courtesy I talked with the folks at Gen Con about the project before I launched it on Kickstarter.

With the exception of a few of those higher-level backers, I've met every nonfictional character mentioned in the book, and I count many of them as good friends. I know it can come off as name-dropping, but putting so many of them in the text sprang from a desire to honor them and have some fun with them at the same time. I'm glad you enjoyed it either way.